Joy Moeller will tear your face off. 

In a world where tragedy strikes everyday like a pack of wild hyenas who strike every day, Joy is there. Equipped with a side pocket full of kick-assness, double rock-and-roll fingers, and some four-letter words with exclamation points, Joy lives her life on the edge. High atop a studio on a desk chair mezzanine, she works tirelessly to edit video, often practices writing "Mrs. Moustakas," and has recently donated her time to make paper airplanes for homeless children.

In 1995, her life changed forever, when she received tickets to a live taping of The Price is Right. A long-time TPIR fan, Joy knew all of the games, and strategies for each one. As her name was called, she ran "on-down", and slightly stumbled as she rounded the corner to reach her microphone station. Bob Barker stood in front of her like a game show god and shook his head as he cooly said "I thought you were gonna go down back there." Joy looked up in panic, then quickly gained her composure and belted out "That's what she said." The first instance of this phrase was heard that day on live television and to this day, Joy gets royalties every time it's used, and puts this money towards the That's What She Said College Scholarship for students interested in a degree in being awesome on live TV while coining catch phrases.