Quinn was named after a platypus named Quinn. In the winter of 1979, all of the chickens on the Katherman farmstead died from the harsh cold, but they needed to keep up their supply of eggs to survive. One night, a mysterious Aussie knocked on the door. He sold a platypus to Quinn's father as a mammal, egg-producing solution to their problem (without the messy, chicken attitude.) The winter came and went, and the new addition to the farm was helping mend fences, herd the cattle, and of course, lay eggs. But one tragic day, the platypus took on a wolf and got hydrophobia and had to be kept in the corn crib. Quinn's older brother, Travis had to go out one night and put their duck-billed, egg-laying, otter-footed, beaver-tailed family member out of its mysery. 

Folklore grew around town, and Quinn the platypus was all anyone ever talked about. There were 53 children born in that town in the next five years named Quinn. The school mascot became a platypus, cats envied Quinn, and dogs wanted to BE Quinn. Consequently, that's when the modern baseball cap got its bill; you guessed it, from Quinnfever.

Quinn Katherman is not as popular as Quinn, but one day, she will be.