Rainbow Bunny To Nowhere
Episode 3
Published August 14, 2012
TRT 01:22:22

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LIVE from miniBar Cocktail Lounge and Adventure Club in Kansas City, MO. Jeremy, Pat and Quinn talk about Twitter stand-up, define "hip", "edgy" and "organic", take questions from the audience and entertain a baby in a bar.

Seriously? Who brings a baby to a bar?

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to see us for our first live recording. We appreciate each and every one of you. Except for whoever broke into Piper's car during the show. You could have easily stayed home. Asshole.

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THIS EPISODE: We tabled the brainstorm on the Google Fiber bunny's name and didn't pick it back up. That means you listening at home have a chance to toss your idea into the ring. Email us or leave a message at (415) 484-5830. Winner gets a Kansas City Pixelworkers t-shirt from United Pixelworkers!
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Flyer for the live event.

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