Photo courtesy of Rusty Kugler

In the Spring of 2013, stickers began showing up on streetlight poles in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City, Missouri with the head of actor Peter Dinklage composited onto a larger man's body.

These stickers contain puns on why "A Tall Peter Dinklage" listens to the podcast. Examples of the puns are:

  • "I listen for personal growth."
  • "It dwarfs all other podcasts."

The stickers also feature the official logo of The Shakes as well as the Mule Radio Syndicate URL for the show.


Photo courtesy of Rusty Kugler

Pat, Jeremy and Quinn claim no responsibility for the production of these stickers, nor do they claim to know the identity of A Tall Peter Dinklage. It is also not known if more stickers exist beyond the two that have been found in the Crossroads Arts District.