What Do We Want? Gylany!
Episode 14
Published April 22, 2013
TRT 2:09:33

Episode DescriptionEdit

The gang talks about stepping back and figuring out brand stories before designing a new company logo, and the challenges women face in the advertising and tech industries.

Thanks for the beer, Robert Arnold and Joel Gerhold! We chose Sam Adams because it was the best thing we could think to do while being dumbstruck Monday afternoon.

Beer BuddiesEdit

  • Yard Beer
    • Joel Gerhold
  • Ol' 750
    • Robert Arnold

Topics CoveredEdit

  • Boston Marathon
  • Oklahoma City Marathon
  • Rusty Kugler's Wayne's World sketch
  • Sheryl Sandberg
  • Gender Inequality

Memorable QuotesEdit

Episode LinksEdit

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